How to have more courage

Do more courage.

What if courage is not a personality trait but a habit?

A habit that we can build each day.

By doing things that make us feel afraid.

By keeping the promises we make to ourselves.

By feeling and embracing the uncomfortable.

By finishing what we set out to do.

Because a lot of people get confused that they need to feel confident BEFORE we do the thing. And this usually rarely works. Because it comes AFTER we do the thing.

It means courage is from the little wins we achieve.

With each little win we build reference points of success in our unconscious mind. We start to build self-belief.

The real belief is not that we can do it. It’s more the belief that we can handle the outcome whatever it is.

Lack of courage comes from the belief that we can’t handle the setback and the ‘failure’.

And know that as you’re reading this, no matter what has happened. All the things you’ve tried for the first time and all the things you’ve ‘failed’.

You’ve survived. And it probably wasn’t as bad as you thought it would have been regardless of the outcome.

You handled it.

You handled all life has given and thrown at and to you.

Be more, Do more. Because isn’t that what life is all about?

To see what we’re capable of.
To realise our potential.
To unleash our greatness so that we can contribute and make more of an impact to this world.
To leave our legacy.



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