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Why don’t we really follow the plan?

There are lots of books, seminars, and workshops out there that give us guides and clues from people that have done it, that have achieved the success yet we ourselves find it hard to follow their advice or the plan that’s laid out in front of us.

We unconsciously say to ourselves, we’re different and so we search for another plan that will ‘work’ for us, and the search continues forever. Because we’ll constantly come up with the same story and excuse of why we’re different and special.

And that’s okay. Because we all want to be different and unique in our own way.

This is great to know because if we followed their strategy, the strategy of the success we’ll be successful too.

So what’s missing?

Maybe it’s our belief in ourselves. Or the belief that if we succeeded we won’t be able to handle what’s next. Yes as stupid as that sounds, it’s the truth. Because of greater success, there will be greater problems we must face meaning there will also be greater setbacks too.

Do we fear failure? Or is it really the fear of success and the responsibilities that we must now face. We have to grow up and play the bigger game. And that isn’t an easy pill to swallow for some.

How do we go about changing this then? It’s all about looking at us and see what’s going on in our inner world.

It’s about Trust. Trust in ourselves. Trust we can handle what life throws at us. Trust the changes that will happen.

The trust was probably taken away from us from the people that took care of us because they did what they knew at the time. They thought they were on the lookout for the best of our intention or theirs.

This was one the biggest eye-openers for me when I got coached on it and learnt for myself.

It’s not about the things I had to do to feel good about myself. Because no matter how much I did or achieved it just never felt like it was enough.

It wasn’t until the question became who do I want to be and what do I need to develop within me so that I can learn to trust myself even more to then do the things I need to do to be able to live the greater life that I desire.

Because deep down that’s what we all really desire isn’t it? To live a greater life and be all that we can be.

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And if you’re interested in learning more about you, to discover ing your ultimate you and letting go of what’s been holding you back.

Feel free to reach out, and PM me and I’ll fill you in with the details and see if we’re a match as this is the journey I’ll be taking my clients on starting next week. Spots are limited as I only have space to best serve 5 more people right now.

Looking forward to assisting you to reconnecting you with you to help you truly live a greater life and unleashing your greatness.


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