Learn to live your life from what you’ve learnt

The way you live your life is your philosophy. The way you live your life is determined by your actions and behaviours. And this is what people can see. What this must mean is that our actions are then determined by our thoughts.


If we were to read a book about lifting weights, would that make us instantly strong? Or would that require us to start lifting weights? And would that make us strong right away too? And there are so many equipments and ways to exercise to become strong, doing one thing only might only make us strong over time only in that one thing.


It’s a balancing act all the time. To work out different parts of the body to gives us overall strength. And this requires constant work and dedication. And we start to figure out what’s right for us, what is good for us and what even works. Because everyone is different. We all have different levels of progress. One person might develop chest muscles much faster than someone who happens develop their back muscles much faster. They’re given the same routine. No clue why this is the case but it’s just part of life.


So we read the books, go do the courses and seminars and get the education. Learning to change does that really mean we have changed? We’ve learnt to see things from a different perspective but have we really seen it from a different perspective.


This is going a bit extreme here but I’ll exaggerate it to help paint a clearer picture. When we see the colour blue, and from the mindset work we’ve done, a big shift in meaning and perspective is when we start to see it as potentially green or even red. Seeing it in a different shade of blues like navy or teal, shows to me that maybe your perspective has started to shift, only just started, your mindset and perspective has not fully shifted yet. You’re just done your first week at the gym, and you’re going to see some kind of result because you just exercised right? I trust that made sense.


People can say their mindset has shifted or changed. Great. Maybe they’ve found more clarity and are more at peace with themselves. Maybe the true shift comes from your interactions with people and the actions and behaviours you show. Because what we might not realise, what we think in our unconscious mind will show and reveal itself in the physical world somehow.


This is something I work on every day and will be more of the focus this year. To learn what I’ve learnt. Then to start living what I’ve learnt by being the example, by the actions and behaviours I take. And that’s not to show anyone I’ve changed or am better. It’s to prove to myself, that what I’m learning is just not all in my head. That I can live it. That I am a reflection of the philosophies I’ve learnt in books that through experiences and living them they have now truly become my own philosophies.


Here’s a final example to show you what I mean. For those that learn from Gary Vee, that to become successful is to hustle and work hard. That’s his philosophy. Great. And if we want to take that as one of our own philosophy of life, the question becomes are you actually working hard and hustling? Or are you hustling when you feel like it, every other day and living and enjoying life too much instead.


Does that mean you’ve just learnt the philosophy and not living it? They are actually two very different things.


And it’s only through your action, decisions, and behaviours that will be the tell-tale sign if you’re actually living what you’ve learnt. Or is it all hidden away in some filing cabinet deep within your mind somewhere?


So the question I ask myself quite often is am I living what I’m learning?

How can I apply better what I’ve learnt?

What would need to change in my actions, thinking, decisions and interactions with people to convey that I’ve changed, that I’m using what I’ve learnt?

How will I know I’m not just saying it and actually applying it?

What have I let go of or need to let go to show I’ve changed?


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