You need to follow the outcome not the process

In life, in our work, we are usually told a set of rules to follow. A set of protocols and processes given to us as an employee to follow to help us achieve the outcomes and goals of the tasks at hand or the goals of the company.

The thing is over time it becomes routine, our mindset becomes routine, and we start to follow blindly without thinking about the processes and if they really are the fastest and most productive way to achieve the outcomes we want.

This is what makes the difference between the successful and productive is that they find ways to achieve the outcome. They may even change the process as long as they know the outcome they are wanting to achieve. Their productivity and results increases because of this instead of following the processes given to them to be productive. It means they find what works.

This is the key mindset between an employee and entrepreneur. It’s something I’m learning to develop more to become better each and every single day.

Are we just following processes instead of thinking outside the box? Because over time doing this, we start to look for others for leadership to give us the processes instead of searching for ways to achieve the results. It means we’ve become reliant instead of self-reliant. And that’s the key distinction there.

Because what it must mean be a leader, an entrepreneur and someone who wants to play the bigger game is that we must learn to figure out the process to achieve the outcome. We become more outcome focused. Because if we know the outcome, then we must know there are many possible ways to achieving this outcome.

This is the mindset that makes the difference. With this mindset, we think of possibilities and solutions instead of problems. We build confidence and our self-esteem as we learn to trust ourselves in finding the answer instead of always giving our power away to someone to give us the answer.

So are you focused on the processes, and following the processes and for someone to give you those processes?

Or will you be focused on the outcomes? And maybe creating your own processes to achieve those outcomes.

The choice is yours and where you want to be and think in life. And that’s okay whatever you choose, it all depends if you truly want to live a greater life or not. And maybe you wouldn’t want that would you?

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