Start small to do bigger

Start small to do bigger.

Jim Rohn says a lot that discipline has a ripple effect, that discipline in one area will usually lead to discipline in many other areas much more easily.

Without discipline it means we give up easily, we don’t do what’s needed to be done, we make excuses and blame.

And on the contrast if we had discipline, we would be accoutable to ourselves and the things we want to achieve. We would just get on would doing the work.

How do we develop the habit of discipline?

We set ourselves a small task that we must do every single day.

If we were commited to doing what we say we would do then our self belief, self esteem and certainty of ourselves start to increase.

Too many people try to be disciplined with their diet, their work ethic, new routines and they go too big too hard. Wanting to ‘maximise’ their results and achieve faster. And what happens?

They usually burn out, give up and this leads to frustrastion, lots of overwhelm and procrastination. So they go back to square one pretty much.

So if we set up something so small that couldn’t possilbly fail, we have no excuse for it. And as our discipline muscle starts to build up, we can start to move up the bigger weights, push harder and stronger as we now have the strength for it.

What’s one small thing you can do every single day, because it’s so small you have no excuse why you can’t do it and then do it until the end of the year to build up your muscle of discpline.

Here are some example to help you out.
Read 10 pages a day from a book.
Meditate 5 mins a day.
10 pushups a day.
Journal 3 gratitudes a day.
Set your intentions every morning.
Drink 500mls of water every morning.
Make the bed every morning.

Do something that you wouldn’t usually do, or been wanting to do or even something you’ve been trying to do just not consistently. Make it smaller. Do it everyday and start to notice how much more confident and certain you start to become with yourself and your life.

And after a month, start to notice how much easier other habits and disciplines you want to acheive starts to become much easier in life.

So what will be something small you will commit to doing every single day or at least 5 times a week, no matter what and because it’s so small, there’s no excuse you can’t do it.

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