Why you procrastinate and what to do about it

Procrastinator alert 
What is procrastination to you?
To me it is not doing what you’re meant to be doing that will help you get to where you want to go.
If we were to no longer procrastinate that means we would start work on the tasks and activities that would lead us to our results, our future, and our dreams.
Because when we put in the effort, over time we will start to get closer to our goals and desires.
So what’s happening when you procrastinate?
The what and the how starts to become too big. We start to build fear and doubt in ourselves so we do what’s easier.
We feel like it’s too much effort putting in the work and because there’s probably no short-term results, the pain starts to build in our unconscious mind. The pain of no reward, the pain of doing hard work and this is why sometimes we have to realize, all the small activities will lead us to the long-term results.
So that means we have to keep the long-term focus on. Our big WHY. Our compelling reason.
And this is why they tell us with a big enough WHY we can overcome any HOW.
When the WHY becomes bigger than the how and what, procrastination starts to lose its power.
Because we know if we put off doing that task, that activity, we are moving away and not creating our dream future.
If we put it off today, then it’ll just take a few days longer to start to live our dream. Because what you put off today, you’ll probably put off tomorrow.
Could it be that we like to talk about our dreams yet be too afraid to want to live our dreams?
Because to live our dreams means we have to put in real work to get there, walk that path, instead of just sitting there watching people walk the path.
If we had a big enough reason WHY then the follow-through will be easier. It surely must be what has to happen.
Or maybe that’s something you don’t really want. To live your dreams.

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