Laws of cause and effect and which one will you choose

We are either living life at cause meaning we cause it to happen, the way we respond, the choices we make and the actions we take.
Or do we live life at effect meaning we are reacting to what’s happening to us, we are the by product of what’s happened in life and living at the effect of what’s happened.
If we were to live at effect then it means we have no control. Which will make us blame other people, life, our circumstances, and we weren’t ‘lucky’. So we’re in denial and constant justification as to why things aren’t working out.
And yes there are somethings beyond our control. How people act, behave, even mother nature.
And if we were to live at cause then it means we are the cause of our results and our response. We have control over ourselves and what we think always. Remember that. At cause makes us proactive instead of reactive to our circumstances and the events that happen to us. We take charge.
So the question is are we letting life happen to us (at effect, no control, no power, not our fault), or are we causing life to happen for us (control, create, and take responsibility for our results or lack of results).
So which one will you choose to live at?

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