Wanting control we can lose control

Are we trying to control everything around us?

Are the problems around us exist because we have yet to fix our own internal world?

We think that life will change and get better when our external world is changed. When we get more money when we have the relationship when we get what we want.

The thing is until we fix what’s inside of us, what is missing from us, what we haven’t figured and control within us yet. Then the problems will always remain.

Have you noticed this cycle?

I feel lonely. A partner will make it better. So I go get a partner. Now the partner is annoying. So I want to leave the partner because I think it will be better without one. And now I’m lonely once again.

It’s all about wanting more, and never being satisfied or fulfilled because what’s really missing is something much deeper.

Are we trying to fill a void with what’s missing on the inside of ourselves?

Are we trying to fix the things around us when actually we are the ones that need fixing the most on the inside?

Maybe it’s not about fixing. And more about reconnecting with our ultimate self again. The part that we knew who we were when we were a kid and now has been forgotten because of the compliance and obedience created by society and our relationships.

Because it denies our self-expression of who we are, which in turn denies our self-esteem.

A bit deep, something to think about as we head off to bed.

Ask yourself, are the problems that I have, is it because of something that’s been denied inside of me, maybe while when I was growing up.

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