Reacting or Responding can change the course of your success

Throughout the week, of course, there are lots of things out of control like the way people act or treat us.

The thing is without realising a lot of the time we are reactive most of the time. We answer without thinking. We respond with emotion, maybe out of frustration. It’s actually a subconscious reactive response.

In a way, we lose control. We actually give away our power.

It’s about learning to consciously respond. Respond in a way where we are able to remain in control. Control of our mental state, our emotions not the other person.

When we respond, we respond with the right course of action, on how we want it to be.

Just remember most things are outside of our control. The annoying employee, the annoying customer.

What we have 100% control over is how we choose to respond and react to it.

Start to notice the difference inside of yourself when you respond instead of reacting.

By consciously being aware of this now. Imagine the difference it will make to your internal state and those around you.

We have the power to influence and create a positive impact to those around us by being the change first.

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