Why you need to being with the end in mind

Begin with the end in mind.

When we don’t know where we’re heading we can get lost and uncertainty.

What’s worse is that when we don’t have some sort of vision and clarity on where we want to go, we wouldn’t even know if we got lost. Because we’re not sure where the path is or where the path leads to.

By knowing where we want to go, with the end in mind we can understand more which direction to take. It might not be the right one but at least we know it’s getting closer to where we want to get to.

When we feel we know the direction, we will feel more certain about our life. And it’s human nature to want to feel certain and in control. This will give us the confidence to push ahead, to keep going especially when we know what the finish line looks like.

So what is your finish line? What does it look like?
How will you know when you’ve crossed it?
What will that mean for you?
What will that give you?

And when you understand all of that and have all of that. What is the positive intention in all of that?

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