How to be happier more often and faster.

Learn to wish happiness for people first.

Because sometimes we forget the feeling of being happy because we’re too focused on thinking unhappy emotions too often which means it’s always at the front of our attention.

Notice this by what you say. I’m too busy, I’m too stressed, I’m hungry, I’m tired, people annoy me, this pisses me off. By constantly saying these things (subconsciously) it’s connecting you to what we call lower vibe emotions.

Sometimes thinking happy thoughts can be hard too.

So how can we connect to happiness, love and joy even more?

Start wishing people you see, people that walk past, or even just think of people if you’re in a private room. And just wish them to be happy.

The best thing is it’s quick and easy. It’s in your head as you only think it.

And because you’re thinking and wishing them happiness in your head. You connect to the feelings too.

Your focus gets shifted.

Because we know that when we give love and happiness we in return receive it. And this makes it even cooler, just by wishing it upon others we can also connect to what we want.

Try it out a few times today. Just in your head say ‘I wish you happiness.’

And let me know what the results come out to be for you and if you really do feel happier inside.

I wish you all a happy day.

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