Learn to hate being comfortable and here’s why

Are you comfortable?
And the right answer is YES.
Actually, the answer should be no. No, if you want to grow to be better. No, if you want something more and bigger. No, if you want to be able to make a difference, make an impact on this world, play the bigger game, be more than you can be.
My whole life I sought comfort. I wanted to be rich so I could be comfortable, I wanted to have it all so that I could be comfortable and do nothing.
And what I’ve seen is those that do nothing, always end up getting bored and return to doing something.
Some successful people I’ve met crave the challenge, the problems and they even seek being uncomfortable.
And I didn’t understand it as much until recently.
Of course, when it gets too uncomfortable and we want a bit of comfort it’s okay. By comfort, what I mean is it could also mean security, certainty, control and safety.
When you’re comfortable you’re not growing. You’re just living, which isn’t really a bad thing is it. When you’re comfortable you’re not expanding and connecting to what more you could be capable of doing. That’s okay too.
If you do want more. To live a greater life. To unleash your potential and greatness.
Learn to be uncomfortable. Learn to seek it. Embrace the challenge.
It’s not an easy thing when subconsciously we seek comfort because it’s easier.
Do something new. Do something different. Do it until it becomes easy and comfortable. Then it’s time to re-challenge yourself so that it’s uncomfortable again.
Because it’s in this place that we filled happier, more satisfied and fulfilled.
And deep down that’s what you really want if you feel like if there’s something missing.
It’s because you’ve been comfortable too long and deep inside you there’s a desire to be more.
And in the uncomfortable is where the real magic begins.
Have a great night developers.

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