Momentum is the key to your success

Momentum and consistency work together. Because once the ball gets rolling, it rolls much easier doesn’t it?
Have you ever had to push a car? 
The hardest part is usually at the start, it’s where you need to exert the most energy. And once the car gets moving, it’s quite easy to keep it moving as long as it doesn’t stop again.
The same thing happens when we’re learning or building something new. The hardest bit is starting the work.
Do you notice there’s resistance at times to start the project, to sit at your desk and just start digging into your course or whatever it is you’re learning?
The resistance is normal. Just like the resistance in the car.
Do you find that once you start after a few minutes it starts to get easier? Then you start building up momentum and getting into the flow of things?
This momentum can be in hours, days, weeks and even months.
It’s when we start putting things off, that the momentum starts to slow down. And when it stops it takes triple the effort to get it going again.
Even though Sunday is family day for me, I make the effort of spending at least 1 hour on my growth, learning or business building.
And it’s not because I’m a work addict, as some of you might know me I’m pretty slack. It’s because I want to keep the momentum up so that it’s easy and natural for me to pick up the book, dig into the course, build the business and maintain the focus.
No matter how much I might resist, I know that slowing down is better than stopping and starting as it requires much less energy.
 Keep going. Keep Pushing.

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