How to find more satisfaction in life

To find more satisfaction, more fulfilment, more joy, less stress and worry it’s all about being committed to whatever is in front of you.
When you’re committed, you’ll be more present and in the moment. When you’re committed it also removes boredom from the situation too. It will make you even happier even if you might not like the task.
Let’s say you don’t like going to work. So already you’re not in a good mood, you get bored easily and probably irritated easily. You probably won’t put in any extra effort, and you’ll look at ways to complain, which means the people around you will notice your energy too. Over time this builds up stress and makes you even more unhappy.
Now imagine if you were just committed to doing the best you can with what’s in front of you. I didn’t say be happy. Because when you’re committed, your focus and energy will be higher, you’ll start to notice and interact with people differently too. And you’ll learn to enjoy whatever it is in front of you.
Because when you’re committed it must mean you’re going to be your best. Which then makes the experience enjoyable and that makes you a happier person.
Take notice if you work in a team environment. Notice those that put in the effort and their attitudes to work and to life in general. Notice those that put in a half ass effort and notice what they’re like to be around.
When you’re committed to whatever is in front of you, you’ll find more enjoyment in whatever you’re doing even if you might not like it, and you’ll be a happier person overall. And happiness is contagious, Who doesn’t want to be around a person that’s happy all the time? Or maybe you wouldn’t want that, do you?

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