Do you fear not being loved?

[Fear of not being loved] ❤️💔
The last universal fear in our series. Check the last few posts if you haven’t read through it. The reason why it’s important to know is that these fears exist in all of us. No matter who you are, you might be a little child to someone who’s very successful running a multi-million dollar business, there are different degrees of it that exists in you.
It’s about our ability to manage our fears and not let it hold us back which I believe is one of the secrets to success.
Could this fear of not being loved is another form of being rejected.Being rejected not only in relationships but also in society like when we’re going for a job interview or even asking for something are we subconsciously fearing that we somehow will not be loved.
Do you also see how the other fears come into play with this too? We can mistake or link the other fears to the final result that maybe in the end of it we won’t feel loved.
Most of our behaviour or lack of behaviour revolves one of these fears or a combination of them. It could be the real underlying problem that we face every day.
The problems we think we have most likely stems from these 3 universal fears.
Let’s think of the common problem not having enough money. Why do we want so much money? To buy nicer things of course. Yes, and what are the more reasons if we keep thinking what would that give us.
Deep down it’s highly likely to help us move away from the 3 fears in some way.
I’ll let you guys think about that for a bit.
Check out the last two posts on a fear we all face which is the Fear of judgement. And also the Fear of not belonging. To learn more about what this fear could be stopping you from achieving.

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