The need to belong is perfectly normal

Do you remember this fear of not belonging as a kid?

Do you remember in school, when it was sport-time, they would pick two captains and pick out their team members. In the back of your mind, you were always afraid you would be picked last?

Even as kids we have this fear. It’s the fear of being abandoned. Fear that we would be left alone. We have the fear of not fitting in.

This is another universal fear we all face. A lot of our problems can stem from the fear of being rejected, fear of being left out.

Could it be a reason why long lines work so well? Like people queuing up for the next food fad, clothing fad, whatever fad because we want to belong. We don’t want to miss out and be the odd one out.

So it makes sense the fear of missing out is the fear of not belong to a tribe, not belong to the crowd.

And it’s perfectly normal, it’s because human beings are designed to seek comfort in groups. It’s part of our biology. It’s what kept us safe from predators. As a group, we can protect ourselves much better.

So imagine what happens when we’re rejected from this group. In our subconscious mind, it means our safety is at threat. Because we no longer have safety in numbers. Without the group it makes us feel like we’re alone and vulnerable in this world.

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