How to connect to your reason why

[Imagine the life you want]
If we can see the life we want to be living in the future, then we’re able to realise more of our purpose. It means we can connect to why we might be doing what we are doing.
Most of us have income goals. Goals we want to achieve and we forget to connect to what really matters, and why we are doing what we want to do.
We get so busy working on the goal, that we forget maybe what really matters. And what matters to you?
This is probably why when some people get their goal, achieved what they wanted, they feel unfilled and unsatisfied because they’ve forgotten why they really set out to achieve the goal.
So the question is what will you do after you’ve made all the money, or you’ve attained that goal you’ve been working so hard on.
What’s next?
What will having that thing allow you to now achieve and do next?
What’s the next step?
What do you see as your future? The life that you will be living, the reason why you do things after you’ve achieved your initial goal?
It could still be doing what you’re doing. Wanting to achieve what you want to achieve. The thing is now you might be more connected to your purpose and your real reason why.
Which is the reason why most of us are here. The reason that fulfils our core needs.
Which is to love, to grow, to serve and be of value to those around us, and believe we are of value.
I could be wrong.
What is next for you after you’ve done that thing you’ve been trying for so long to achieve?

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