What do you really get out of having your problem?

Whatever the problems we face in life. Our emotions, our behaviours and beliefs. There’s usually a benefit in some way for us in keeping them and acting on them.
Even think high that if we were to think in terms that everything we do in life, even if we didn’t like it, there is usually a positive consequence from it.
A simple example of this is let’s say you say to lose weight, yet you keep eating that yummy chocolate cake. You say you don’t want to eat it and that you really really want to lose the weight. Yet you keep sabotaging your efforts. 
The thing is there’s a payoff for your behaviour. In some way, it’s serving you. 
It’s a game changer when we’re aware of this. 
Because if you didn’t know why you kept doing it, no matter the strategy, no matter how much information we will always fall back to the old behaviour.
And when we now know there’s a gain for what every action we do, regardless if we consciously or subconsciously knew it. It means we have the ability to now change it if we choose to. 
It now makes achieving the goal you want so much easier especially when you’ve been self-sabotaging constantly.
So think of the problem you have or the behaviour you don’t like yet it keeps showing up.
Now imagine for some magical reason that you benefit from it in some way. 
Imagine you knew how it’s serving you.
What do you think it could possibly be the payoff that you get from this behaviour? 🤔

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