Do you have a morning routine for peak performance?

If peak performers mostly have morning rituals, so then why not model them so we can achieve peak performance throughout our day too right?
Why you should have a morning routine?
Because it prepares you for the day mentally. The more consistent you are, the more certain you can feel when things go against you.
They say having a morning routine primes you and prepares you for the challenges we might face in the day.
Below is my currently morning routine. I’ve changed it a few times this year after changes to my life like having a new kid and also as I learn and test which morning rituals work for me to help me perform even better.
So here’s how my morning starts.
I wake up and lay in bed with a few minutes of visualisation of my future aspirations.
(Your mind can’t tell the difference between something that’s real and something that’s visualised – which is why they say most of our fears are imagined.)
20min oil pull followed by glass of Apple Cider Vinegar
(Do this as I’m experimenting with the effects of the two health remedies, not really sure if I’ve noticed any changes as it’s been over a month now)
Write in my journal my goals, commitments, intention and gratitude for the day. This really sets me off in a good mood. As gratitude allows us to access the ‘happy’ area of our brain and doing this consistently strengthens the network to that area. Which is why happy people are usually happier in general.
Then I do some research, study or creation work. Something to expand and educate the mind further. (I found for myself personally in the mornings I can think better, plus there’s no distraction.)
Make coffee. Boosting some brain power here hopefully.
Meditate for 10 minutes. Gives me clarity and focus. Also, helps grounds me for the day as it slows me down a bit.
Then I do 25 burpees, and 25 push ups. Just to get the heart racing, warms me up in winter. It’s also a mind hack. As it gives me a sense of certainty which helps increase my certainty in other areas of life – must be done everyday regardless)
And I added in again to give me more certainty and just energises me even more is a quick 2 min cold shower. (Added this again recently as I stopped exercising in the morning and my body was too cold already to do it. Did miss it though.)
Then I get changed and kiss my wife and baby if he’s awake and tell them I love them before leaving to work.
So what are the first few things you do in the morning to mentally prepare you for the day?

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