Is what you see really what you see?

What if what you experienced from what you saw is not really what it is.

Our experiences are shaped by what we believe, our past experiences and what we’ve learnt.

So what we think we see, we hear, feel and tell ourselves is only our internal representation.

Think of the game Chinese Whispers. How can a simple phrase be changed to something different after the information has changed hands?

Because each person has a different representation of it. What they thought they heard, they reconstruct it to their own version and pass it on.

Imagine how powerful it is when we understand this simple concept.

It means we can change our experience by changing what we choose to see, hear, feel and tell ourselves.

The key is what do we tell ourselves.

It’s a choice what we choose to tell ourselves.

This is also why someone witnessing the same event like an accident can retell the story from a totally different point of view due to their internal representation that has been shaped by their beliefs and history.

So what you really see, might not be how it actually is. It’s the way you choose to see it and then interpret it.

Something to reflect on, from what we’ve thought we experienced this week.

Trust this helps you in some way.

Comment how it has.


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