Stop comparing and ask something else

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What would life be like if you didn’t compare yourself to others? What would happen then?
The rise of social media is crippling us even more by our need for instant gratification and for us to compare ourselves to others.
And this can be extremely harmful as we beat ourselves up even more. That we’re not there yet. That we’re not successful yet. Those others are more successful than us.
The thing is everyone has their speeds. Everyone has their own journey. Everyone has their own successes and battles they face each day.
The thing is we all have the same problems. We just don’t share it openly because it makes us look ‘weak’ or that we think others will judge us.
We all have the same fears. The fears are universal. So you’re not the only special one that has this fear, and that’s why you’re not where you want to be.
If we all understood that everyone has their own demons. Their own battles and they’re probably the same battles as us. We might be more encouraging, supporting and even probably bond more to one another as we open up and communicate more.
The bigger question is, are you actually putting in the work. The work to get there. The work to succeed. Are you sacrificing? Do you truly deserve it?
So before we start comparing and saying anything more. We must ask ourselves first if we are putting in the work that’s required. And only we know the answer to that.
Maybe that will help us compare less if we know we’re not really putting in the work and just making excuses.
For me, I know there’s still the stories, excuses and justifications. Because I know I’m not working as nearly as hard enough to those that have had success. I’m not even working at a fraction of what they’re working if I want to achieve their success. Just being honest and real to myself.
So the deeper question can be, what do I get from comparing myself?

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