Face the Resistance

The resistance is real.
It occurs whenever we’re starting something new or in the pursuit of something, be it a project, a diet, a new routine, a hobby or whatever it is. The bigger the thing, the more important that it is for us, the more resistance we’ll start to face.
What if the resistance is there for us?
There to test us.
There to see if we’re willing to commit to it.
There to see if we want it bad enough.
There to see if we have a big enough reason to push through it.
This could be all the difference between failure and success.
So how do we push through?
There’s a quote that’s perfect for this. “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”
Yes it can be hard. Yes we want to give up. Yes the self doubt creeps in all the time.
Trust the process. Have faith it will work out as long as you keep going. For how long I have no clue.
It’s not an easy journey. And if it weren’t it wouldn’t be worth it would it?
Remember, the resistance will always be there no matter what. We all face.
Find a tribe and people that will support you, encourage you and lift you up. As we’re on this journey to success together.
Feel free to like, share and comment your thoughts on what your resistance is and how you are going to face it.

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