Why you should have internal goals

Most of us have external goals. Goals to be healthy , goals to be rich, goals for a success relationship and any goals really where we get to have stuff.

What if the purpose we never knew were that those goals were created to help us to get to our internal goals?

Internal goals are goals on what we want to experience. How we want to feel. Who we want to be become. The qualities we have from the journey to achieving our goals.

By understanding this maybe we can work to achieve these internal goals more. Or that the goal of getting the stuff no longer matters as much anymore.

What do I even mean by internal goals?

These are goals like to be more courageous, spontaneous, compassionate, vulnerability, self love, energetic, creativity, adventurous, congruent, imaginative, playfulness, confident, honest, joyful, flexibility and etc etc etc

This picture is what we came up with in our training.

What word resonates with you or you would like to experience more of?

Can this be your internal goal for the next 30 days?

At the end of the day how we will track it is by asking ourselves two questions.

  1. How did we experience this internal goal and value today?
  2. How did we demonstrated that we lived this internal goal and value today?

Track your progress. And see how much you will grow and learnt to embrace uncertainty and a new expanded awareness into being something you desire.

I look forward to hearing from what you will learn.

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