How to experience your values more

What are values?

Values are emotional experiences you want to experience more of. They might be subconscious or conscious values, and they help you connect to what’s important to your.

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What would it mean for you when you got what you wanted more out of life? What would it give you when you got to live the emotions you wanted every single day out of life?

If we can language what we value and start setting intentions for the day of what we want to value then we can start to experience the value much more.

Here’s are 3 super simple steps on how to experience our values more.

  1.  Pick a emotion value you would like to experience from the picture above as the list shows what we might be experiencing and how it zaps or recharges our energy supply.
  2. Notice what you’re feeling and experiencing in whatever area of your life you choose. Now think of the values and emotions you want to be experiencing.
  3. Take note of those new emotions. Feel it deep with in you. Now ask yourself what you might need to do in your physical world to experience and connect more to this new value you want.

Because your aware of what you want to experience. And as you continue your day you’ll then start to notice the changes of your new experience. It just means you’ve shifted your unconscious focus to what you desire. This must happen because it means you’ve put energy towards it.

Imagine now how this would change the way you feel and experience every single day.

We have a choice in choosing what we want to feel and experience more of everyday. As this is what will bring us closer to happiness and love.




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