How values shape who we are

Why is it important to know our values and our rules around them?

What are values?

Well they are what is important to us,  and this makes values determine our behaviours and how we even think and act. It’s also what we want to experience and emotions behind it.

The rules are what has to happen for us to act, feel, think and respond internally and externally and usually most of us don’t understand or realise what our rules really are.

I’ve been wondering about this for the last few days and maybe I got an answer that might shed some light on why values are important for us, why we need to know our rules on them and really just why.

Well first if we didn’t know our values and what is important to us, then we don’t really know what we stand for, fight for and believe in.

If we didn’t know this then that means we’re willing to waiver, and be sheeps or we’re usually contradicting ourselves because we might do one thing and the next minute do something different without knowing what is important to us.

If we knew our rules on how to live our values, then we’ll know what we want to experience and how to make sure we experience the experiences more often.

And if you’re saying these are your values and you’re not living congruent to them, then what does that say about you?

Let’s say we know what we want our values to be. That means they can be a goal.

What I mean by this is we have values that are subconscious and are semi ingrained in our beliefs due to how we were raised up and our environment. We then learn about this existence of values and how they can determine the success of our future and happiness.

That means we create new values that we want to experience and believe are important to us at the time. Meaning we haven’t learnt to live in alignment to these new values yet.

Again I love the metaphor of it’s like you’ve been writing right handed for the first part of your life and now want to write left handed because you believe it brings out the creative side of you or for whatever reason.

That means it takes time to learn how to do this. It takes time and lots of implementation and practice until it becomes second nature to you.

So what is the importance of values and knowing the rules around it?

It could be to help us learn to live our truth.

Walk our talk. Doing what we say and what we mean not just saying it.

I do my best to always reflect on what my values are and aim to work at living them every day, and it isn’t easy. Sometimes we forget for a moment and we do something that’s against our values, especially if we are wanting to learn to live through a new set of values that we believe will help us for creating the life we want to live.

So my question for you to reflect on and think about is.

So do you know you’re values?

The more important question is are you living up to what you say your values are?

And how do you know you’re living your values?

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