9 ways to overcome procrastination

How to overcome Procrastination as it’s just a part of our life. We all do it. It’s about delaying what we want or are meant to be doing that could be a priority for other activities.

Successful people are those that are able to manage effectively and learning to take action on what’s the most important priority they have in their life.

What if by understanding that everyone does it, its normal is the start to helping us overcome procrastination.

Why is it to important learn to manage or overcome procrastination? Because if we are able to start doing what’s important quickly then we’re able to get the results we want in life faster too. It makes us happier and feeling satisfied if we’re achieving our goals and this means we’ll gain more confidence and self-belief that we can have success. That’s what it must mean right?

If everyone didn’t procrastinate and were doing what’s important and needed to be doing what’s needed to be done then we would all be living a happier, satisfied and fulfilled life, living our dreams. But this isn’t the case as procrastination sometimes gets the better of us.

Could procrastination be an avoidance strategy? And what could be you be avoiding? But we’ll look at that another time.

Below are 9 ways to overcome procrastination

  1. Be honest with yourself why you’re avoiding doing it. What’s stopping you from doing it?
  2. Schedule it in. We rarely miss our important appointments like going to the doctor or picking up the kids from school. Yes we still sometimes forget don’t we?
  3. Preparation is key. Set yourself up for success. Minimize distractions as this is a killer.
  4. Take small steps to just doing it. Inspiration comes after action. Have you ever been to the gym feeling like you didn’t want to do it and after your workout you felt so good that you were glad you went?
  5. Reward yourself on job completion. This can be enough to push you into doing it.
  6. Have the feeling of satisfaction and achieving. Doesn’t it feel nice when you finally do that load of washing, washed the car, finished the assignment? It feels good doesn’t it?
  7. Are you avoiding it because the task might be too hard? And what I mean by hard is that it could be outside your expertise? Maybe it’s better to be left to someone else like building a website, the tech stuff, whatever it is for you.
  8. Understand there’s a little sacrifice that needs to be involved. Because if this is important to you in getting you closer to living the life you want, then understanding that we have to be willing to make a little sacrifice. So maybe a little less TV can free up loads of your time and missing that show won’t hurt us in 10 years’ time but missing our goals we’ll be maybe working at a job we still don’t like in 10 years’ time.
  9. Can you remove it? If it’s really important to you, then maybe something’s missing if you’ve been putting it off over and over again. What would happen if you didn’t do it at all? Maybe it didn’t have much of an impact if you could delay it for so long. Remember 20% of our activities product 80% of our results. Maybe what you wanted to do fell into the 80% of crappy activities.

What would it mean for you if you now overcome procrastination?

What would it give you if when you have the discipline to taking action and doing what’s important?

Imagine the satisfaction. The joy. The confidence. The self-belief. Who you start to grow into and become, when you start making more progress and getting closer to creating the life you had visualised for yourself.

What a wonderful thing that would be wouldn’t it?

Comment below what are some ways and tips you have to overcoming procrastination.



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