Keys to success by being productive not busy

Are we sometimess forgetting that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean we’re working towards our goals?
Remember that most of our activities we do daily are things we need to do that’s part of our life and business. It’s the things that act on us and things we have to maintain to live and survive.
An example of this is going to work. Going to the bank. Doing orders. Doing paperwork. Mailing out letters. Replying to Emails. etc etc
We do these things because usually we just need to do it. It’s like we need to eat food everyday to survive.
Whereas things that are important to us like our goals are activities outside the norm. These are activities that we must work on and they are the things that contribute to our goals and what we want the most.
Eating food is something is urgent and we need to do to survive. Being healthy and fit requires us going to the gym and exercising. It’s a goal we must act on. OR else in the busyness of the day we put off going to do the much needed workout to achieve the health goals we want.
The key thing I’ve been taught and learnt that made the difference was by asking the question ‘are the things I’m doing actually contribute to helping me achieving my goals or are they activities for the sake of doing something.’
Trust you guys can see the key difference in the needs you need to do (urgent) versus the things to do that’s important (non urgent).
Are you being stuck in the urgent?
Or are you stuck in doing things that can help you to your goals but aren’t necessarily contributing to them right now?
It’s a small shift in mindset that can make the biggest difference.

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