how you created your limiting beliefs

Finish these sentences off
I always ………
I never ……………
I am ………
I can’t ………….
There will be some limiting beliefs there.
What this mean is that these beliefs limit who you are or who you’re capable of becoming. Can you see how important it is because we are limiting ourselves as a person.
Most of us have limiting or beliefs that we aren’t even aware of. It’s in our subconscious mind.
And beliefs are what you currently believe in right at this moment in time and they are constantly changing.
I think that’s the key point because we’re always seeking certainty that what we believe in right now to be true is set in stone.
Think of the last 5 years. 10 years, what you used to believe were true, what you used to fight for and stand for. Notice how some of them you can’t believe you even thought like that, and that you now have new beliefs around that thought process.
Some of our beliefs were created subconsciously to protect us in some way because we perceived pain from it. Maybe from a once off experience and now we’ve created a new belief system around it.
An example of this that many of us might have gone through or seen someone go through.
We just got out of a ‘bad’ relationship. So now we believe that all ‘guys/girls’ are jerks. Or we said to ourselves we’ll never go out with someone like that based on a certain aspect like their career etc. Or we sabotage the next relationship to ‘protect’ ourselves from being heart broken again.
These are just beliefs we made up in that situation. See how if we held onto those beliefs we might miss out on the next opportunity of creating a lasting connection with someone.
Or even worse you created a belief that’s now linked to your identity. Like I’m worthless. I’m not worthy of love. No one can ever love someone like me.
Think of the different believes you have about yourself and people. Was it from one ‘bad’ experience?
A single bad one compared to the many experiences you’ve had or could have had that you’ve now limited yourself from.
So what beliefs do we need to shift inside of us to help us grow and connect and experience the world more?
Thanks for reading the super long post. Hopefully some food for thought for the rest of the week.
I trust it will serve you in some way now or in the future.

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