Why we could be sabotaging our own success

[Work and money beliefs]

Why could we be sabotaging our own successes?

What if subconsciously we’re afraid of success because what it might mean for you?

There’s a few ways of looking at it but here’s two.

We see successful people working long hours. Or we see people hustling extremely long hours to get to where they are now.

Think the Buffets, the Zuckabergs, The Musks, these guys work long hours.

So maybe we’ve linked that success means long working hours. So the more successful we become, the more we have to work?

And with this thinking we might be subconsciously self sabotaging our results. Maybe from procrastination, from not doing the work, from spending recklessly.

We’re taking our time to get wealth because we’re afraid of what might become of us, the extra responsibilities.
Afraid who we might turn into?

What if I told you that when you reach your ‘ideal’ financial place, you’ll be working much harder?

Because of the lives you’ll be impacting.
Because of what you’re achieving?
Because you really love what you’re doing?
Because working longer gives you joy and satisfaction?

Because really. Money allows you to do more because you have more choices and possibilities. So those with wealth and don’t need to work anymore choose to because they can.

Because of all the new doors that have opened up for them.

Just a possibility, I could be wrong. Not financially free or in the millionaire club yet, so I can’t really say.

Working on this idea and belief to help me move forward. Maybe it might help you, maybe not.

But I want to even be able to get that chance and choice in the future. Of being able to work more or work less on my own accord.

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