Could moving be the key to happiness?

Talking to a friend about his views on how our behaviour works. That it comes down from our beliefs, our thoughts, our past events, our fears, our egos, to our emotions, our spiritual being, our reason why we do things and linking it all the way down to our physiology and state at that moment in time. (Have to recheck with him about this as it went pretty deep).


Something I’ve learnt recently and for us to think about.


Our physiology is determined by the way we feel. If we feel sad, our bodies will act a certain way like our heads will be down, shoulders slumped forward.


Did you know that it can work the other way around. Like the saying fake it till you make it. So imagine how your posture and stance would be if you were pumped, confident or happy. You would walk as if you were walking on clouds. Tony Robbins call these power poses.


There was a research clinic that asked 30 depressed people to look at a mirror and smile for 15 minutes a day for 30 days. At the end of the experiment they came out no longer depressed.


Someone did challenge me on this about how lots of people do the fake happiness at work and are unhappy inside. I then asked him that after his workmates had left him, did he return back to his unhappy physiology which he replied yes. And I replied, the trick is to have a happy physiology especially when no one is around and no one is watching.


We usually act the way we feel. We forget that we can also feel the way we act.


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