Your intentions are the key to success

We have weekly goals to look at, then our weekly tasks to do. What about adding our intentions for the week, as I found that’s helped me distinguish the weeks a bit more so that we can focus and prioritize on what’s more important on our to do list.


What I mean by intentions is this. What’s the objective this week. Is it to study, to spend more time with my partner, to work on my business, to work on my marketing, to network, to implement action, to hang with my friends, to just listen more this week, to pay attention more, to focus a bit more, to exercise or to just take a break and relax this week.


When we set ONE intention for the week, without us realising is that our focus gets directed there, most of all our feelings will get directed there, and when something appears out of no where, you won’t worry about it as much and will find it easier to stay on path of what it is you need to do.


When you’ve set your intentions, you’ll start to notice things will fall into place, you’ll feel more at peace, subconsciously your mind will be redirected to what needs to be done. You can set small daily intentions too.


So what’s your intention for this week? This week my intention is to notice the things around me that I can write about that will best give value and help us grow to live the life we want.

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