Slow down buddy

Today I’m reminded of the importance of not doing too much too fast. And of course I’m not promoting laziness of any sort.


What I mean is that a lot of us think that to be productive, we need to always be doing more, the more we do the more we learn. Yes it can be true to some extent. But more often than not, we’ll get overwhelmed more times than not, and soon or later you’ll burn out and that’s going to take a while to even get the motivation back.


Have a bit of work life balance. The times when you’re not working, use it to relax and recharge the batteries so that you can actually work harder and become more productive overall.


Take time to reflect and learn from your actions. It’s when you reflect back and give yourself feedback is where you’ll progress even faster. Have sensory acuity. This just means to see if your actions are moving you forward. You’re not just being busy being busy and going no where.


Enjoy the journey. Relax and just have some patience. Chip away at it everyday. Just make sure you’re doing the main things that will lead you to your outcome and the results you want in the future. Do this and you’ll end up getting there faster and enjoy it at the same time too.

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