You need to step in the other person’s shoes

Today I decided to take a look at different perspective and point of view. I decided to imagine what it was like to be in the other person’s shoes. I decided to look at their point of view.


I may or may not know their point of view. I could totally be wrong in my thoughts altogether. What I did learn was that it helped me create more empathy inside me. This lead to more compassion on my behalf.


The reason why I did this was to take my ‘negative’ emotions out of the equation. I do this a lot when someone is aggressive towards me, and as a natural response we tend to reflect the same emotions back.


So today things changed. Aggression on their behalf was met with compassion from my side. And I did this by thinking, what if they didn’t know they were aggressive, what if they’re experience hard times, what if they had the right to be acting like this. And the more compassionate I became, the more their anger started to subside. And we both ended up just being happier after the situation.


Have you noticed when you respond with anger to someone’s anger that usually you walk away feeling like crap still. There’s no need to be right or wrong. Just learn to be at peace inside yourself especially when the other person is in a different state. You’ll notice that sooner or later when you keep acting with compassion, more people will let you into their space, they’ll open up more and they’ll be surely start being compassionate back to you.


When you put yourself in the other person’s shoes, you too might have responded the same way they have in that moment. So with this knowledge it’s easy to show empathy and compassion towards someone who’s showing ill feelings towards you. It’ll make both your days so much brighter.

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