why giving is important

We all learn that life is about giving. We are also taught that we should give more too. It has been on my mind a bit just thinking about the importance of giving and today I found some clarity in it that I really want to share with you all.


First off, have you notice that people who usually have an abundance in life, are usually the most generous people at the same time too. When you give, without any expectations, it creates a subconscious feedback in your mind that you already have an abundance of whatever it is you want to give. Because if you lacking in it, you would be seeking it instead of giving it.


Then I thought what about our feelings and how helping and giving what we desire can come back to us too. If you want more love, give more love, If you want more happiness, give people more happiness. Next time smile at a strange, and see if they’ll smile back not in a creepy way of course.


Hey don’t get me wrong, it can work with the ‘negative’ emotions too. Give anger to someone, and what will you get back? Give sadness to others and you’ll get it back in return. Have you seen that complainers usually hang with complainers?


Give and you shall receive. This statement can be so true. Just don’t give and expect though. It doesn’t work like that. So if you have an abundance of something you give it away. So here’s the secret if you’re giving something away, your mind will think you have an abundance of it already.

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