You need to focus less on the outcome

One of the things that might demotivated us the most is when we are concentrating too much on the outcome and results. A client tonight reminded me that when we become fixated on results we can be discouraged to keep working especially if we don’t see any results appearing.


Most of the time the results don’t appear instantly. It takes time. That’s the universal law, that most things require time to achieve. It’s like working out for 1 week, hoping onto the scales and expecting immediate results straight away. Now imagine someone doing this every single day instead of a week. What do you think will happen? Results won’t be appearing the next day for sure. Compared this now to someone who hopped onto the scales once a month, they might see more progress.


A lot of things we do in life, we really don’t know what the outcome will be. All we can do is trust the process. Trust that as long as we are continually putting the effort required, have a good system in place that the results will come soon or later. When you start focusing on the process, it’s easier to achieve, you’re more easily motivated and you’ll love whatever it is you’re doing.


I noticed a lot of things I achieved or got good at, I wasn’t too focused on the outcome as such. Don’t get me wrong, I knew the outcome I wanted, had the strategies in place to get to the outcome but I focused mainly on just showing up single day. I focused on the doing the things I needed to do on a daily basis to work towards to getting the results I wanted. I noticed I started to enjoy the process a lot more, which kept me going every day. Like how the saying goes learn to enjoy the journey, without thinking of the destination, (and I’ll add in my version) or you might miss all the beautiful things along the way.

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