Why you’re taking offence to what I said

We are constantly receiving a lot of information from the environment around us. Our brain can only process a very small amount of the data and for it to not be overload with information our brain filters the information we receive. And it goes through the process of deleting, distorting or generalising the information to our point of view and only if we subconsciously agree to it. That means our brain chooses what it wants to see, and not how the reality really is.


So what happened today, I asked a friend, are you happy? It was a very simple question, and I actually had no intention or judgement behind the question, just purely saying it because it was part of a conversation we were having. And what happened next was very interesting. She accused me of judging her and that she did not need to give me the answer saying she did not need to validate her feelings to me. Being as curious as I was with her answer, I asked her a few questions to find out that she felt people had judged her and expected her to behave a certain way. So she felt like she was always trying to prove to people her happiness.


So you can see, because of what she had experienced before talking to me, she interpreted the information in front of her to the way she thought it to be.


How many times have we assumed the wrong things? How many times have we misjudged what someone said all because of what we were feeling that day? Have you ever snapped at someone when all they simply did was ask you how your day was?


And now you understand one of the reasons why

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