Find out how your language determines your state

The way we use our language to describe the emotions that we’re feeling can change the intensity of our state because of the language we use.


Let me quickly explain that everything we feel and sense, we only understand and make sense of it because of the labels we give it. So you would know, if I said you’re angry, you would feel more intense than if I said you were just annoyed. And because you know the difference in the labels, and what we are meant to feel, you can distinguish the difference in the two emotional states.


They say that you can only feel what you can language. So if you can’t language something you won’t know the feeling and because you don’t know the feeling you can be in that state. So we’re only able to feel what we say. So let’s say if someone who speaks a different language to us, doesn’t understand the word depressed, and you could only use the word unhappy in their language, imagine the difference in comparison in meaning and feeling.


I had a situation where someone had stated that they hated one of their younger siblings because they had a huge disagreement. I was like come on, you don’t hate the person do you? And they were able to change the word hate to really pissed off. And because I could see how heated this person had become because of the language they had used to describe their feelings, I laughed it off and said surely you just a little annoyed, emphasizing little. Upon realising maybe they were only a little annoyed, there was suddenly an entire emotional shift to that of a calmer state within a matter of seconds.


So lately I’ve been more careful of the words and labels I give to the emotional state I’m feeling at the time. If I’m feeling a strong ‘negative’ emotional state, I’ll keep changing the language and label I use until it has very little effect on me. And when I’m feeling not so vibrant, I’ll start telling people how awesome and fantastic I feel when they ask how I am today. It actually changes my state straight away, because if I’m describing how I should feel so I start feeling that way and it also changes the other person’s mood too because they’ll start feeling the vibrant happy energy rubbing off on them too. And I love seeing a smile on someone’s face.

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