How to build up some confidence in yourself?

A question that I get asked often is how do I build up confidence?
We all have confidence inside of us. And what I mean by that is depending on the different aspects of your life, I bet there are areas where you feel very confident about and other areas where you might lack a bit of it.
So what could be some key differences because it’s a feeling you already have in you that you can tap into any time.
One is competence. The more competence you have the more you believe and understand in your abilities.
Maybe there’s a lack of confidence purely because it’s new and uncertain, and so because of this you’re not sure what your abilities are and what your beliefs are around this.
So we can start to see a pattern that it’s about our beliefs in ourselves and what we can and can’t do. And what’s interesting is that we’re not really sure what we can’t do because we haven’t made enough attempts to know for sure we can’t do it but we tell ourselves that maybe we can’t to protect ourselves as our unconscious mind things it will bring us pain.
So how can we build up more of our beliefs? By taking action. Action gives you clarity and results. With results you start to build up your beliefs in yourself and this then builds confidence in you. Which leads to more action, then more results, then more beliefs and this cycle grows and grows.
Ask yourself the question below.
And when I find it’s still too hard and the confidence isn’t there. I take the smallest step I can to help me build up the competence and self belief. Because some progress is better than no progress right?
So ask yourself now, what area are you lacking in confidence? And what small step can you take to start building the confidence that you need so you can start to believe in yourself?

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