Staff motivation from a human behaviour perspective

How do we build great team culture and motivate our staff in the workplace?


Let’s take a quick look from a human behaviour perspective and here are usually 3 driving forces that influences us when we’re at work.


We like to feel like we belong. It’s part of our DNA to feel connected to others, to feel part of a tribe and be part of a community. As here we’re able to feel comfortable and safe. Who doesn’t like to feel like they belong to a group?


We like to feel like we matter. Everyone likes to feel like they’re important to some degree and all that matters is that we matter. We like to feel significant and that we’re valued because if we’re important then we also feel a sense of belonging.


The third thing people like to feel is that they’re making a difference. That they can contribute their ideas, that they’re capable and what they’re doing is important for the business. It also helps them feel significant too.

So wouldn’t it be nice if we felt like we belong, we matters and that we’re making a difference because all this leads to things we crave and its part of our human needs by Tony Robbins. And that is to feel connection and feeling significant.


Of course people would like to feel certain that their job is safe. And that there are challenges and variety in the workplace so that it’s enjoyable instead of boring and brain dead.


Yes having a mission, gives people an idea on what it is they’re doing and why they’re there. Because if people believe in the cause it gives them purpose to work with you if they believe in the same cause too.


When staff understand the companies vision and goals. They’re able to work towards something that’s greater than themselves. And if they’re able to feel like they’re contributing to the business goals and that it can be measured, there will be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the goals have been achieved.


So if you’re staff is complaining about something. Watch what human need is not being met, and then the aim is to figure how to meet that human need, to help keep up staff moral and motivation.



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