You need to trade every signal okay

When you realise trading is usually a game of probabilities, you understand how important it is to take every signal. As long as you’ve back tested your strategy, have a well-developed trading plan with proper entry and exit plans, when your signal is triggered it’s important you trade with your plan.


Trading is just a game of probabilities. Depending what type of strategy you’re using, the reason why taking every signal is important is because every trigger could be taking you to your winners or even that one big play you’ve been waiting for from your game plan.


Some plans are littered with small losses. That’s usually the time when you start second guessing you’re strategy. That’s when you might decide to not pull the trigger. And that next trade could have been the one that takes you into the green zone. And the next trade after that might take you even deeper into the green but you missed out on those two because you started to doubt yourself thinking the next one could also be a loser.


I’m not suggesting over-trading here. As long as the signal is triggered according to your game plan, I suggest you take it. You never know when that winner is around the corner. Follow your plan. Take the emotions out of trading and over the long run, your trading profits will greatly increase.

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