Are you focusing behind you or in front of you?

What you focus on is what you get. Be mindful where you spend your time, is it relevant or irrelevant. Are you focusing on what you can control or can’t control? Are you focusing on the past, or future or the now? We’ll explore how where we focus can affect our thinking, our current behaviour and the outcome we’ll get from it.

Imagine the difference between someone that focuses on the past verse someone that focuses on the future. Ask yourself are you justifying holding onto some emotional attachment for something that’s long gone in the past, something that’s happened many years ago? Ask yourself what about is are you really holding on to? For myself, I notice what holding onto the past does it bring lots of resentment and the more I think about it, the problem/situation magnifies more than it should and over time more often than not I’ve forgotten the reason why I might be feeling that way and I hold onto that feeling for no real reason. Maybe it allowed me to justify whatever it is I need to justify. And because these things are in the past and long gone, I have no control over what had happen except for my thoughts on it. Realise that something that’s already happen is now no longer in our control meaning unless we change our response to it, we can never do anything about it, as they say the past is history. We’re allowing blame and not taking responsibility for ourselves, and using excuses to why we might not be where we want to be.

Focusing on the future can have a similar effect. Yes you’ll tell me we can have more control of what happens to our future. That is true, as long as whatever we are doing now is for working towards and creating our future. If you’re too stuck in the future though, what I noticed in myself is that I can start to be impatient, forgetting the future can be a long way away. It can also make me anxious, especially if I’m too focused in the future and it starts to get overwhelming on all the things I need to do to get there. When we’re focused on the future we can forget what’s important now. We get too lost and stressed out on always thinking what we need to do. We believe it’s here in the future that we’ll get to experience all the happiness and joy we’ve ever wanted when we arrive at our destination and have gotten the outcome we wanted in our lives. And usually this rarely happens because you’re goals are always continuing to grow and expand with you and the destination is always evolving with you.

One man stands and looks past and future.

To experience peace of mind and contentment is when we realise that we need to focus on what’s in front of us, the present and the now. Remember the past doesn’t shape us, it was there for us to learn from. The past is what shaped you as the person you are now, without it you would be a totally different person. And realise you now can create the future you want with all your strengths and characteristics that have shaped you because of what has happened to you.

Understand that all your efforts are for the future you’re creating and building. Have one foot in the future so that you know who you need to be, what you need to do to be able to have whatever it is you want.

Now come back to the present moment. Do what you need to do and remember to focus on all that’s important. Not only about the goals and results you want. Realise in the future when you’ve achieved what you wanted, what’s also important, like family, friends, relationships and health.

With this in mind I’ve come to a better understanding of working on my goals each day, and also remembering what’s most important to me like spending time with my loved ones and those around me and not forgetting my health. Because in 10 years’ time, with all the money in the world, what’s the point of it if you’ve lost your health, the people around you and deep down your happiness.





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