How flexible are you to succeed?

One of the first success principles I’ve been taught is that to have behavioural flexibility in everything we do. This simply means to change what you’re doing if it’s not working, or think of other possible actions you can do to achieve your goals.

What we are currently doing and how we’re doing it might not be working if we’re not getting the results we want. Then you might need to start asking yourself questions on how you can change your behaviour. You can change entirely your actions or just find a better way of doing it. What I mean by that is maybe you need to learn new skills, do it in a different order, change your environment and figure what else and more you can do.

“There always has to be a better way – Thomas Edison”

When you ask yourself this question, you might come up with better ideas. Or you might need to shift your thinking altogether on how you can achieve your goals. To think outside the box. Think what you haven’t thought of before, and sometimes this can come with an entire identity shift. This is a big reason why continuing your learning and growth is important, because it can help you see things in a different perspective.

One method that’s help me think or see things differently is by asking for help. This might sound easy but it’s probably one of the most challenging thing that a lot of us struggle with. We have to learn to let go of our ego and show vulnerability by asking for help. Then we have to have the humility to learn to accept help, take it on board and apply it. It might sound easy but it’s actually can be quite difficult accepting new information, because if it’s different it can sometimes mean scary and uncomfortable for us. And usually anything that we might not subconsciously agree with, then we can reject the idea without knowing it.

The reason why it’s good to get a new set of eyes and see from a new perspective is because other people might have different viewpoints from us and might see it from an entirely new angle that we might have not have yet reconsidered.

Are you able to consistently change your behaviour until you find one that works? If one method doesn’t work, try another and keep trying. This doesn’t mean give up what you’re doing either. What if its working and you haven’t done it long enough to know if it works? Sometimes it’s just taking a step back, seeing if your behaviour is moving you closer to your goals. Learn to expand and be flexible in your actions and thinking. There are usually different ways of doing it.

Action Plan

Think of what you’re doing right now that’s working towards your goals. Expand your thinking and ask if there’s another way you can do this better. Because there is always a better way if you’re willing to ask the question long enough.

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