How to install positive habits that work

We can create positive habits by first being aware when we’re in a negative state and then learning to quickly adjust our perception of it so that it can be positive or solution focused. And of course like all habits, with more practise, it gets easier over time and after a certain period, the habit becomes a part of who you are.

When we encounter some kind of problem, the first way we can change our perspective is by changing the question we ask ourselves. Instead of saying how can we fix this problem, let’s change it to what can we learn from this situation. Instead of focusing on the problem still and how we can fix it, we start redirecting our focus and perception itself to one that gives us more opportunities and one that sees the problem as an opportunity to grow.

Another method we can use is to change the language we use about our ‘negative state’. This takes a bit more practise but one method I like to use it by adding the words ‘a little bit’. This reduces the intensity of our emotions straight away. Feel the difference in intensity to the sentence I’m really angry to I’m a little bit angry to I’m a little bit annoyed.

One method I like to use when I feel a bit down is I change my physiology. So if someone is annoying me, I just smile and think of something stupid like a cartoon of a pig with wings flying across someone’s head. Anything to break my current state of mind to snap me out of it. Or during days if I notice I’m in a state I don’t like I’ll start walking with a little spring in my steps. This alters my mood as if my body is acting happy, my mental state should feel the same too.

Alright now that we have ways to change our states or become solution focused we can start to build a habit routine.

Action Plan

For the next 15 days, if you’re committed to creating a change and building positive habits into your thinking patterns we’ll play a game. First you need to be aware of mental state. Whenever you notice you’re in a ‘negative’ state, you must break it immediately. Do this for 15 days straight. If you ever notice you’re stuck in a state for more than 1 minute it means you have to restart your 15 day count. What this does is forces a change and installs new positive habits into your thinking patterns. And after 15 days it’s up to you if you like to resume your old patterns again or use your new installed strategy for living a happier and more extraordinary life. Because happy people are more open to try new things and this allows them to see more opportunities that may be already in front of them. They see the world a lot more differently.

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