Model success like you’re walking down a catwalk

Modelling is when we’re observing and studying someone’s behaviour and processes and then replicating them for ourselves or for someone else. This is a reason why it’s important to have role models who we can follow and see what they do, so that if we want to be successful we can then replicate their results.

Another way we can look at modelling also is by the famous saying ‘we are the average of the 5 people we hang around’. Have you noticed when you look at groups of people and friends, they usually have a few common traits like from the way they walk, talk, dress and act. Sometimes we model the people around us unconsciously.

We can take a look at successful people and see they will usually have similar characteristics. If you haven’t noticed also, when you read books on success habits or how successful people think, they’re all very similar to what they talk about for a reason. There are lots of courses on a millionaire mindset for a reason, that people who have achieves success think and act much differently than to those that are in poverty.

The idea of modelling is to be able to bring the characteristics of someone you believe is successful and incorporate those similar qualities in you.


Some things you could or should be modelling are their beliefs. Their thinking behind it all how they became a success. Autobiographies are a great way to see what beliefs they had. You could also model what values and attributes they had so that you too can incorporate those same values into your mindset.

Lots of successful people out there teach their strategies for success. The way they did things, how they did it and how you can follow those same steps to success. There are lots of people who sell seminars and workshops to help you in this area.

The idea of modelling is for us to be able to replicate their mindset and behaviours. If we can study and understand that all humans are equal to one another at birth. What makes us different to each other is all in our thinking. And with continue growth and education, you can change your mindset, and with this suddenly the world around you will seem to change. What seemed impossible will not seem possible.

So do you have someone in your industry that you can model? Because if they have achieved success, it can be replicated.

Action Plan

Think of 5 attributes that you see or believe successful people have.


Now you’re aim is to believe and start incorporating these attributes as your own over time that it becomes a part of your personality.

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