Do you even have a benchmark for success?

To become more successful in life, we need to first learn to benchmark the areas we want to improve and then increase this benchmark over time. Benchmarking is like having point of reference for which we can gauge our performance against.

If we’re always doing things with nothing to reference our results to or any standards to work towards, we’ll always be doing things at an OKAY level, because this is the natural level or what we’re comfortable of doing. To most people, their standard level isn’t that high, and if we’re not constantly pushing ourselves beyond our current levels we won’t be improving and growing.

Let’s say you want to improve your 5km run time and your current time is 35 mins. You think you’re doing quite well until you decide to ask your friend who you know runs quite often what their run time and they tell you it’s 25 mins. So here you already have a new point of reference to work with. It’s not yours but you know you’re friend is quite athletic and fit and you want to accomplish similar success to them in that area of life.

First you break it down that every 5 mins you would have had to have ran 1km. So what you do, as this is more achievable at this rate, you push yourself to achieve this first milestone. When you do achieve this you start to understand, the effort, the intensity and work rate you need throughout your run to get to the goal you want to achieve of 5km in 25 mins. You now have a gauge, a guideline a standard that you need to consistently be at throughout the entire run. And when you feel like you’re slowing down you’ll know and start pushing yourself towards your new benchmark.

The more benchmarks we have, the more we can gauge our performance level. With a certain standard, we know how hard we need to push ourselves or where we need to work towards. Without a point of reference to guide us, we will rarely achieve mastery and success.

The best way to set benchmarks is to look at people who are successful in that area you want to improve, find out their point of reference, their gauge for when they do things that makes them successful.

Action Plan

Look at 2 areas you want to improve in your life.

Ask yourself do you have a benchmark you’re working towards?



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