It’s really your fault

Take responsibility by owning up to everything in your life, and that you are where you are because of all the choices and decisions you’ve made in your life.

Last time in our Extraordinary living series we spoke about having high standards for ourselves and the things we need to do on a daily basis to move us towards the life we wanted to create for ourselves. And if you’re not living up to your standards every day, understand it’s your own fault really, and whatever you do with your life is 100% your responsibility.

As a Coach our aim is to understand if our clients are thinking below or above the line. Are they at cause or are they at effect. What I mean by that is this. Below the line thinking means people are shifting blame if things aren’t working out, they complain, they make excuses for why life isn’t the way it is and they justify to themselves that life isn’t fair. What I mean by at effect is that everything that’s occurring is happening to them. We are the effect of the environment around us. We are saying we have no control and are experiencing and reacting to the circumstances that are presented to us.

Above the line thinking on the other hand is where we would all like to be. Here we accept and are responsible for the outcome of our lives. We have 100% control of how life is. We take responsibility for all that’s happen, our successes and our failures. We are where we are because of our actions and choices we have made to get here. We are the cause of things. We create all that happens in our world.

Hey it might not be true for everything, but we use this type of thinking to take responsibility we realise we have the capabilities to change our world. To create the life we want instead of just letting life happen to us. Now you’re thinking well if a cyclone destroyed my home, I have no control of that whatsoever right? Yes that might be the case, but what you do have 100% control is your response to the situation. You can use this as a driver to work even harder, smarter, look outside the box and start creating the new future that you want. Instead of just making excuses, blaming and then doing nothing and just whinging that life is unfair, and you have bad luck.

Are you going to take responsibility for your life? Where you are right now is entirely your fault. No one made you do anything, you had a choice of course. We aren’t kids anymore. We’re adults. Own up to your actions and your results. When you decide that you are the cause of everything that’s around you, you have control and with control you can create the life you want and desire.

Action Plan

Think of a situation that you believe was beyond your control. Or think of a situation where bad luck just happened to you.


Ask yourself how could you have viewed it differently? How could you have accepted responsibility, maybe to the situation or at least your response to it?


Because you now have control over it, imagine how different life would have been, imagine what you would have seen, what you have heard, what you would have felt and changed. Life will be much more pleasant and different when you realise you have all the power in your hands.

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