Standards that force yourself to do stuff

On the last article I wrote about beliefs, what they were, and how if we changed our beliefs, we can actually change how we see the world and what we think was possible. What has also changed my life and what I learnt especially after reading a lot about successful people is that they have high personal and business standards.

What I mean by standards are the actions you take and implement on a daily basis to ensure you’re always moving towards your goals or whatever it is you desire. When you have high standards, what you tolerate and don’t tolerate in your life can all change the course of how you act and think and behave.

These can be non-negotiable, the things you won’t allow and accept in your life.

When we have high standards, we will aspire to always be better. We will know what we need to always do to make sure we’re living in accordance with the life we desire to attain.

The reason for all this from what I’ve learnt is that you’re always either moving towards your goals every day or else you’re moving away from the life you desire. So when we think in terms like this, our aim every day is to move towards the life we want, so all our actions and thoughts should reflect this.

So what are your standards – your MUST DO to get to extraordinary living and success. What are the things that must happen daily with no excuses?

Your “I Should” needs to turn into “I Must”.

The higher your personal standards you have, the better the people you’ll attract in your life with high personal standards themselves.

Let’s take a look at the friends around to seem to usually be in good health and physically fit. Have you noticed what standards they usually have? How do they maintain their physique or just look great most of the time? It’s because they value their health and body, and usually have a high personal standard around this area. Their standard could be, to go to the gym minimum 3 times a week. They will usually opt for the healthier option, not over eat, limit their junk food intake and are probably living a more active lifestyle. In a lot of cases they will have a partner who shares similar qualities and they will attract people with similar standards.

So what high standards will you set in place now for whatever area in your life that you would like to improve. What are the daily non-negotiable that must happen daily or on a weekly basis. How will you act and think on a weekly time-frame. What will be some time set aside weekly to make sure you’re doing what it is that needs to be done to ensure you’re constantly working towards your goals.

What happens is over time these standards become easier and easier to do as they become ingrained in us, and they become habits. Like when you were younger and you had to keep your teeth clean you had standards to brush them twice a day and now it’s become routine that it actually feels weird not to brush them right?

That’s the final goal to make our standards turn into routine and habits.

Action Plan

What are your 5 non-negotiables that you MUST do on a weekly basis to have higher standards.

  1. _____________________________
  2. _____________________________
  3. _____________________________
  4. _____________________________
  5. _____________________________



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