What’s your feedback?

In our last post in the series of getting to mastery faster, we had discussed the importance of journaling. That to get better at anything from learning to business we had to track our results. With the results we can measure, we can then create a feedback system to help us improve each time. What’s the point of doing something over and over and not improving right?

Constant feedback allows us to adjust our course of action each time so that we get closer to the results we want. Have you noticed all the top athletes in the world all have a coach? The coach’s job is to give feedback on areas of strength and areas to improve.

 “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work” – Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison actually failed over 6,000 times before perfecting the first electric light bulb. Each time he recorded what type of material he used for the filament, and repeated the experiment countless times before he succeeded.

So how does failing get us to mastery faster? Well because there’s no such thing as failure only feedback. When you do something and it doesn’t work then you know not to do it that way. When you do something that works and you find out yours strengths, you make sure you fine tune it to strengthen your strengths further.

If you’re not improving, or think you might be improving, make sure you record evidence and facts to see you’re progress. Once you’ve got this, create a feedback system on areas to improve and areas to focus on, so that you can improve at a faster rate. What’s the point of making the same mistake over and over again and not learning from it each time?

Did you know when the plane is travelling from destination one to destination two that it has to make thousands of small adjustments throughout the course of the flight to make sure it gets to the correct destination. The plane is constantly sending out a signal, getting feedback if it’s on course or not and makes the necessary corrections to stay on course. The earth is round remember.

Are you constantly making small adjustments, to improve your results to get to mastery at a faster rate?

Action Plan

Create one feedback system on your results and find out ways you can improve those results further.


Is there someone else that can give you feedback on your progress also?


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