Can you change your beliefs

In our last series we spoke about changing our perception and how it influences the way we see and experience things and this was all due to our beliefs. That would mean one way to change our perception is to change how we believe how things are meant to be.

Beliefs are what we perceive with certainty to be true.

This means that changing our beliefs can actually be a bit harder than we think possible. That’s only if we believe that it’s hard to change then it will be hard to change. What I just said right there is a belief system in itself.

For example, some of us believe that learning new things is hard. Some believe that learning and studying is easy. Now can you see how the difference in our belief system can drastically change the outcome of how we see things?

Here are some examples of different beliefs people might have.

What do you believe is it easy to make money or hard to make money?

Do you believe you’re good enough or do think you’re not?

Do you believe relationships should be easy or should be hard?

What’s your belief on how easy or hard it is to make a great conversation with someone?

My favourite one “Do you believe you can or can’t do it?”Most of our beliefs are actually not ours. And they are the one main thing that can hold us back in achieving the life we desire. Imagine when a baby is born. How do you think they perceive things? Would they have any kind of beliefs at all? Our beliefs are shaped by our environments, the people around us and most of all society.

What we believe of our capabilities and what we think is true is only our version of reality. The person next to us has a different set of belief systems and thus has a different view of what is possible and what is not.

Beliefs are just a possibility filter. If we believe that is possible then it’s possible, if we believe the opposite then we will limited in our options in life.

Action plan

Write 5 beliefs that you currently have that could be limiting your potential.

A belief usually starts with I can, I always, I am






Now see if you can change these 5 beliefs to one that will benefit you and help you towards living an extraordinary life.

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