Getting to mastery faster

So you want to become an expert and master of any field much faster than the 10,000 hour rule. If you haven’t heard of it, to summarise, studies have shown that to achieve mastery in any field we must have practised it for least 10,000 hours. I’ll give you one secret to cut down the 10,000 hour a little and teach you how to learn something faster than what most ordinary people can.

Studies have shown that most of the successful people in life have journals.

The reason what makes journaling so important is that it allows us to see actual facts and data on what we’re doing and learning. It doesn’t allow us to think of how we thought our results are and gives us precise measurements.

Imagine wanting to lose some weight, training really hard for a few months and not seeing any results in the mirror. You decide to not be afraid and jump on the scales and noticed you’ve lost only a measly kilo. On the positive note at least now you now have something measurable after months of hard work.

Effective journal tracks your results. From you’re results you’re able to gain insight and see what you need to improve or adjust. Instead of thinking you’re losing weight each month, actually track it weekly. And if you’re not reaching your target, ask yourself what else needs to be done.

So one secret is to write down your results in your journal. With written evidence in front of us, we can actually see if we’re making progress or not. When you see your progress you can then make improvements on those results by finding out better ways to learn faster and improve faster than someone who just thinks they’ve made progress but has no real evidence of how much progress.

Next week we’ll explore further on another secret to help you get to mastery faster based on what we learnt today on why it’s so important to journal.

Action Plan

Go get a journal if you haven’t done so, and start tracking your results daily or weekly depending on what it is you’re doing.





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